The Real Amitabha



(A Buddha from Korea: The Zen Teachings of T’aego)

The pure, wondrous dharmakaya of Amitabha Buddha is everywhere in the mind-ground of all sentient beings. Thus it is said: “Mind, buddhas, sentient beings—these three are no different.” It is also said: “Mind is buddha, buddha is mind. Outside of mind there is no buddha, outside of buddha there is no mind.”

If you genuinely recite the buddha-name, you are just invoking the Amitabha of your own inherent nature. Twenty-four hours of the day, whatever you are doing, take the words “Amitabha Buddha” and stick them before your mind’s eye. Let your mind’s eye and the buddha-name become fused into one whole, until this continues undimmed from mind-moment to mind-moment. Sometimes turn back and contemplate closely on an intimate level who the one reciting is.

After a long period of work, suddenly in an instant mind and thoughts are cut off, and Amitabha Buddha’s real body will appear before you as a lofty presence. Only then will you be sure about the saying, “The one who has never moved is Buddha.”

Amitabha Buddha does not move. From mind-moment to mind-moment Amitabha is the Dharmakaya of your own perfect Buddha-nature. The Real Body of Amitabha is the Dharmakaya as Amitabha in your mind’s eye. There is no other Amitabha Buddha apart from Amitabha who recites Amitabha Buddha in perfect cadence with the Deathless Spirit of the Unborn .

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