Amoghasiddhi’s Key


As was mentioned in our previous blog, Amoghasiddhi rises to the occasion and releases (like that figure of a coiled snake in the base, or root chakra) the Sambodhic-juice that sparks all the other chakras and is always successful in his mission; this is why he is known as the All-Accomplishing Wisdom. Breaking this down even deeper:

One drop of semen creates Oceans of Samsara; the yogic practitioner who can transmute this volitional action by turning the Amoghasiddhic Alchemical key will unlock the code to the Secret Treasury of Buddha-gnosis that frees one from the fetters of samsara. The Bodhi-bindu is the spiritual elixir that houses the Diamond Body. The yogic practice of turning Amoghasiddhi’s Key releases the bindu (spiritual semen) that rises to the very climax of Dharmameghic Ecstasy in the Dharmamegha Chakra (this is known as Vairocana’s enrapturement ). The Diamond Body is thus cooked and prepared in this yogic-fire and even the gods themselves stand in awe of this divine banquet. Hence, Vajrasattvas are not associated with any samsaric-seed and are thus immune to the effects of karma; one now moves in the world according only to the Unborn Will.

For the yogin/yogini, this practice of turning Amoghasiddhi’s Key is the ultimate Samādhi. It is a Transcendent Exposure to the very lifeblood of the Tathagatas. Returning from this experience he/she is left with an ineradicable impression on their psyche; it removes any form of samsaric dependence as their outlook is now exclusively Bodhi-centric.

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  1. Dale says:

    it sounds like tao practice of recycling ? will you please elaborate,ritualistically describe as well as the physical. or is there a link? thank you

    • Vajragoni says:

      Hello Dale,

      Many thanks for your post 🙂

      In regard to your question there is no form of “ritualistic” technique regarding Amoghasiddhi’s Alchemical key; rather gradual intuitive-practice with the Chakras, with what in traditional terminology is known as the “Root-Chakra” (in Tantric location this is in association with Amoghasiddhi) initiating in Kundalini-fashion the rise of what Unborn Mind Zen refers to as the transcendent-Juice, or Bodhicitta, that is filtered through the rest of the chakras and culminating here in the Crown-Chakra (what unborn Mind Zen refers to as the Dharmamegha Chakra). Here, one really needs first to develop a sense of the chakras in Light of the Unborn—see the blog post ,, that breaks the chakras down with this new terminology; also the subsequent blog post,, that utilizes Primordial Qigong for further stimulation of the chakras—this would perhaps fulfill your notion of a physical link.

      The terminology employed here is what is traditionally known as the “Twilight-Language”—or the utilization of mantras and mudras, mandalas, “mystic-phraseology” and chakras, that empower Mind-made journeys into Higher Tathatic–Realms of consciousness . BTW the sexual phraseology here is intended on a celibate and transcendent level and does not require the use of a sexual partner.

      Also Dale, you have read this blog under the category of Mystagogia, or experiencing the further depths of these mystic truths. These are offered here in reference to my own spiritual progress in Light of the Unborn, which has been many years in the making.

      Kind regards,


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