12. Withdrawal

hex 12

Ratnasambhava Withdraws


Everything is out of balance and evil hearts prevail. Like the tortoise that withdrawals into its shell, so must the eremitical hermit-monk withdraw from outside influences and take refuge in the stillpoint within. By turning inward and reassessing the situation from the Noble-Contemplative vantage-point, one realigns with the Light of Truth: Ratnasambhava Withdraws until equilibrium returns.

One also has come to a crossroads along the spiritual journey. Do not linger long with too much self-assessment lest the demon of procrastination steer you in the wrong direction. Do not make any choices in which direction to turn and instead listen for the still-small voice within that counsels withdrawal and thus non-action until further progress is possible.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: Disengage and persevere in the eremitical spirit.

Resolution only occurs when the mind is disengaged from relying on sensorial solutions. Be still and avoid all vexatious intercourse with others.

Second yin: Engagement in superfluous activities is the great bane for those with Noble-bent.

Play the fool when pressed to compromise the Noble-Principles of the Unborn. In taking this position no harm is done and no one will bid you ill-will, but will merrily go-about their mundane persuasions.

Third-yin: Others will bear shame.

By adhering to Noble Principles others will eventually rectify their wrong and issue fair-respect.

Fourth yang: One who follows the Sage’s advice is never in error.

Seeking counsel from the Primordial Mentor lays the groundwork for you to eventually counsel others.

Fifth yang: Ending the intrusion of obtrusive thoughts is the beginning of good fortune.

Terminating what is corruptible is the beginning of Noble Wisdom; yea, what remains is incorruptible and Unborn.

Sixth yang: Periods of inactivity are followed by occasions for great joy.

Remaining consistent in the Recollective Resolve as the Other Shore of Dharmakayic delight is close at hand.

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One Response to Withdrawal

  1. n. yeti says:

    I am continually inspired by your prolific offering of dharmic wisdom, which you share so freely and generously in this age of great confusion. I do not practice I Ching (having put aside such tools long ago in favor of simple inward contemplation), but in reading your discourse on this topic, there are pearls of noble wisdom everywhere and reminders of the eight-fold path that serve just as well, at an intuitive level, as divination practices. Your great sensitivity and awareness are blessings and I just wanted to offer these words of encouragement in your labors.

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