True Communion


13. True Communion

hex 13

Amitabha’s Hearth


The fire of True Spiritual Communion rests in no-thing or in ordinary channels. The mark of the puthujjana is mediocrity. The true mark of the Ariya is spiritual nobility. The beloved of the Tathagatas are cradled in the warmth of Amitabha’s hearth. Mixing and assimilating with elements of what the world claims to be ‘ordinariness’ is a subtle trap into dark and heavy mentations of no good fortune. Exceptional breakthroughs from the diurnal wail of samsara are won from intercommunion with primordial agencies.

The benefit of crossing great spiritual plateaus is an undivided measure of awareness, not based on sentimentality, but on direct cultivation of Noble Wisdom.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: The beloved is at the gate—auspicious days ahead.

Amitabha stands at the door of the heart and knocks—are you willing to let him in?

Second yin: Fellowship with people of mundane fancies is the route to shame.

Conforming to materialistic and superficial norms is the sure route to perdition.

Third yang: Estrangement from spiritual guidance—misfortune!

Traversing through samsaric settings with no proper monitoring from the Primordial Mentor is reckless behavior.

Fourth yang: Besiegement of the spiritual city has begun—stalemate.

Attacks from without are relentless. No possibility of success yet failure is not imminent. Continue to stand your ground with resiliency in the Unborn Mind.

Fifth yang: True spiritual-comradery is a hard-won endeavor.  

It is good to find companionship in the Unborn. If like-minded ones are hard to find, continue to find solace and satisfaction from the inner-kingdom of truth.

Sixth yang: Spiritual Communion with the Primordials is best.

Hold no doubts, the Living Flame of Union with the Unborn is a primordial affair.

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