14. Predomination

hex 14

Vairochana Dominant


This hexagram represents Abitabha’s white flame shining brightly in the translucent dark sky of Vairochana’s heaven. It’s a time of immense transcendent power and resilient clarity of primordial principles. Hence being responsive to this vibrant flame supreme success is won.

What is Right Strength? It is the illumination of a thousand things with an Adamantine Mind crystalized with the Element of Truth. Great halcyon days. A season cultured in Right Virtue and peppered with the spice of great wealth in spiritual prosperity.

Through predomination the Noble One promotes balanced harmony in a universe littered with the seeds of cacophonous discontent.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: No relationship with what is harmful.

Your inner-resolve to remain faithful to Cardinal Principles of Truth will be challenged by those who walk the path of damnation. Uphold the banner of predomination in all circumstances.

Second yang: The vehicle is overloaded, no blame.

The germs of past karma have been neutralized. Go forward in confidence that supernal heads prevail.

Third yang: Petty people are incorrigible.

Pettiness is a disease with a one-way ticket to hell—avoid it at all costs.

Fourth yang: Avoid self-aggrandizement.

Remain humble in all your affairs lest you succumb to haughtiness of spirit.

Fifth yin: Remain dignified but cautious in influencing others.  

Build mutual trust, not mutual dependence.

Sixth yang: One is well-guarded by celestial forces.

The fullest blessings and protection are being bestowed upon you; remain devoted to the Unborn in modesty and goodness.

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