Closing Reflection: Ascending the Noble Mountain of Primordial Perfection


It’s best to explore this series sequentially beginning with its introductory blog. Each blog builds upon the other in describing the various stages one must undertake in order to Ascend the Noble Mount in quest of Union with the Unborn. John of the Cross was adamant in terms of this resolve. There are two nights that must be endured—one a transcendence of sensorial impressions, and the other entailing a transfiguration of the spirit itself. Neither are an easy climb, yet the Dark Night of the Spirit demands an almost herculean endurance before the realization dawns that one must eventually surrender to higher spiritual agencies THAT initiate a series of purifications that alone will lessen the load and open the transcendental gate to Divine Illumination and Mystical Coitus.

Make no mistake, this is not an easy road to follow. It’s like going through a rigorous spiritual obstacle course that disciplines the adept’s resolve to work things out regardless of the pain involved. But like enduring the long-night of being in labor, the eventual spiritual breakthrough and liberated birth into a new and vibrant dimension of being is worth the cost of apparent endless agony. Although a most stringent endeavor, I encourage the sincere and authentic spiritual adept to take the plunge. Infused Contemplation is quite unlike experiencing anything else in today’s wide and wimpy plethora of pseudo-spiritual rubbish that offers no depth but only wading-through interminable puddles of mediocrity. It is the Real Stuff that true Spiritual Sojourners are made of, because they’ve had enough of empty paths that lead nowhere and who yearn for a way that leads to the awakening and revelation of their Authentic and Best-Self. One knows in their heart of hearts that anything worth one’s salt entails hard work and devotion. Ascending the Noble Mountain of Primordial Perfection is such a venture, and the payoff is beyond anything hoped for or imagined.

Beatus Quest!

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3 Responses to Closing Reflection: Ascending the Noble Mountain of Primordial Perfection

  1. Andy says:

    Hi, I would like to learn more. If you may, teach me.

    • Vajragoni says:

      Hi, Andy

      What aspects are you interested in for further information?

      If you are interested in one-on-one spiritual mentorship you may also use the contact us link (above–e mail address) and further, more-direct assistance is available.

      • Mr.Nobody says:

        Is this open to all? There are many aspects of the practice that I am familiar with but if there is an opportunity to discuss in detail the more esoteric parts and subsequent intuitive insights that are gained through the inner journey of mind, i would be quite interested simply because I rarely have anyone to talk to about those things; so i mostly keep to myself and just go off the writings of the ancients and those amazing commentators such as yourself.

        Personally, the things that would be of major interest is practices related to the sambhogakaya, at the moment that is mostly a realm that I can tell there are changes in, they are reflected in both my dreams and the waking dream; but mostly the art of creating a manomakaya is what escapes me; I am familiar that it is a benefit of one’s inherent awareness and thus one should be able to create one willy nilly, but i’ve only ever “projected” out of my experience once, a little over a year ago; which started everything for me as it confirmed that Absolute Mind sees through all eyes; at the time, it was a huge deal for me, as the experience was outside of experience; i recall knowing that i was outside of experience and seeing a bright light that i followed later on back to the experience; and i also learned a few other things while in that unknown state of knowing.

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