9.11 The immature worldlings fail to look beyond material-appearance of my True Imageless-Nature THAT is the Unborn Lord of All.

9.12 Their shallow-reason is warped and their insolent-actions are wasteful as they fall-prey to a seductively-fiendish and demonic nature.

These two stanzas are reflective of those who impudently-embrace the predominance of the guna (tamas) or ignorance—which is also the notorious nature of demons. Also concerning those who have an excess of the guna (rajas), being instilled with a ravenously fiendish and restless-activity for selfish-ends.

9.13 But the great-souls (mahatmas) know my True Nature and always take refuge therein. They Self-realize that I AM the True Source of All and thus they worship-me with an unwavering and devoted spirit.

9.14 Because they always strive for the Highest-Perfection with a steadfast-perseverance in spiritual matters, they hold fast to their vows and humbly prostrate before My Blessed Spirit-Self. Thus filled with Right Devotion, they unceasingly celebrate My Eternal Presence.

9.15 Others follow the Path of Wisdom (jnana). They see that the One is expressed in the many and that the many are of thus One Spirit.

Bodhi-beings, free from the debilitating delusions of the tamas and rajas, see the Unborn Lord both within and without and thus nurture the third guna, sattva, or holy wisdom; they are Holy Wisdom Beings.

9.16 I AM the sacrificial ritual; I AM the True remedy from all afflictions and the Holy Mantram. I AM the fire that consumes all falsehood and who breathes new life into those who are dead and buried.

The pure Bodhi-sattvic considers all his actions as holy oblations offered in the purifying-fire of the Blessed Lord.

9.17 I AM the Universal Father and Mother, Primordial-Grandfather and sum of all Holy Gnosis. I AM the Essence of all the world’s Right-Testaments that are sanctified in MY Self-Supreme.

The Unmanifested-Unborn Spirit is the Supreme Source of all Right-Gnosis that is the preserver of all who are enraptured in ITs sanctifying nature.

9.18 I AM the indestructible-ovum of the Cosmos; I AM the Holy Womb that harbors the great Deathless-seed that enlightens all worlds and beings. I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the sole-source of refuge in a universe gone dark.

The Unborn Lord is the sole benefactor and friend of all sentient beings. In His Deathless Bodhi-Seed alone is one sanctified and made whole-again.

9.19 I AM the Immortal-Spirit THAT safely guides the sanctified shining-ones through the gateway of death and into the uncorrupt and sacrosanct Dharmakayic-Kingdom.

9.20 Those who perform Spiritual-Rituals that are in Union with my Divine-Revelation (honoring the Deathless and Imageless Herald of all Non-rebecoming) will naturally rise to higher-realms of Buddha-gnosis and will be sanctified As Such.

9.21 Thus if one meditates on MYSELF Alone will be graciously bestowed with what they truly need in absolute-security.

Devotees who are faithful in spirit to the Unborn Lord, who forever abides in the imageless-fields of deathlessness, will be Blessed a million-fold. Right Rituals are those that observe the undying-flame of Noble Wisdom that perpetually burns within the Sacred Heart of Suchness.

9.22 Votaries of subservient gods and devas are bonded to them. Yet True Devotees honor me in Spirit and in Truth.  

A devotee can only rise as high as the object of one’s devotion. Right Worship which leads to Liberation is effected through the virtues of Deep Samadhis in Divine Union with Spirit’s Suchness.

9.23 Whatever you engage in, Arjuna, whether it’s finding Right-Sustenance, self-sacrifice or even being inflicted with the lesser-gunas (tapas—ignorance and suffering), always offer it up to MYSELF.

9.24 In such fashion shall you free yourself from the bondage of karma—whatever its limited results. It is through this Holy Yoga that you renounce all lesser-desires and wholeheartedly come to me—verily, this is Right Liberation.

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  1. Mahasidhra says:

    Cidghano’pi jaganmūrtyā śyāno yaḥ sa jayatyajaḥ|
    Svātmapracchādanakrīḍāvidagdhaḥ parameśvaraḥ||1||

    Glory to the Supreme Lord —the Unborn One who is skillful and clever in the art of playing to conceal His own Self—, who, though being a compact mass of Consciousness, is coagulated in the form of the world! ||1||

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