The Dolmen


This present series, Beyond the Rainbow Body, can also serve as a metaphor for going beyond all that is perceivable and demonstrable. When one contemplates this metaphor it becomes an absolute assurance that always remaining within the confining categories of the known and verifiable can be a most limiting enterprise. The realization will eventually dawn that it is the unknown and the unlimited-depths of dark spacelessness within the Void that, like “Dark Matter”, is the Real Imageless Substance that is woven throughout the pattern of existence. The ancient Essenes-sect expounded that the Absolute was more about darkness than light. In this sense they were in league with Pseudo Dionysius–for him the Absolute was a via-negativa–the absence of light. Think of it—Darkness is the Real Eternal Delight—it is the essence of the Imageless Eternal-Self. Darkness IS deathlessness itself. Light suffers from limitations, like the death of a Star that soon turns-inward into a Black Hole which Alone remains. Darkness is the womb out of which everything is born and into which everything will eventually return—the Dark Womb of Tara, Our Lady of the Void. Light is born but the darkness is always there—it is deathless. The ancients were well aware of this and incorporated various spiritual-vehicles in which to participate in this sensory-deprived-Dark Realization. One of these vehicles is the Dolmen—not to be confused with the Elasian Dolman Elaan from the original Star-Trek episode, Elaan of Troyius.


These single-chambered megalithic tombs have been around for centuries, some (like in the Caucasus regions) dating back to 7000 years. For those who are old enough and can remember back to the 1960’s, they somehow resemble homes that were found in the Flintstones cartoon series:

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The Caucasus Dolmens are most fascinating and there are some Russian legends that speak about “Giants” who built them for the ‘little people’. Yea, the small, vaginal-shaped doors are only penetrable if one crawls through them—like entering into the womb:


The Dolmens are like ancient-portals into a primordial chamber from which normal sensory-perception patterns are rendered void, thus permitting the spiritual adept to fully become intimately familiar with THE Void. Those who enter into them today report profound spiritual experiences and great mental well-being. It’s like entering into a perpetual-meditation that bridges the outer with the inner. Immersed in total darkness one begins to experience their “subtle-body” as energy itself becomes manifested as the third-eye (tathatic-eye chakra) is activated. Primordial-rhythms are initiated as one can now access other Mind-Realms at will. While most of us are unlikely to encounter such megalithic stone marvels, it’s still possible to learn to cultivate them in one’s Mind’s Eye—seeking out a location in darkness and free from disturbance in order to take this primordial-plunge into unknown modes of being.

Darkness is not meant to be feared and becoming warmly familiar with it can open the door into these Mind-Realms. One can even exclusively associate the Unborn with “Light” because they are afraid of the Dark. Once the Absolute is conceived in such a narrow fashion, IT becomes reduced to mere sentient shapes and forms as one attempts to conform and confine the Unborn exclusively with light; but this is done out of fear, and not from Awakening. Silence itself, crucial for any authentic Mind-Meditation, can only grow within this primordial-darkness—like a tiny seed growing in the darkness of the soil. Silence is a bed of darkness. Resting upon IT the Unborn Mind adept will one day develop an inner-faculty that reflects the Luminosity of the Element of Truth—or authentically seeing with the imageless eyes of the Primordials. So, learn to become Dolmenized and penetrate into the sweet-darkness of Deathless Suchness Itself.

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