Dark Night of the Unborn

Being a paraphrase of John’s Dark Night

In the Darkness of Night,
Enlightened with whisperings untold
-O’ Luminous Wonder-
Mind fled the charnel house unchecked,
My spirit at last cloaked in stillness.

In this verse, the Spirit-Mind bespeaks its escape from all created dharmatas. In like manner it has also begun to transcend its own mortal sheaths by way of mortification of the Five Skandhas. In so doing, the way was prepared to enter into Union with the Unborn. The proclamation says that it occurred through the Darkness of Night; this “dark night” signals the birth of pure and unobstructed Contemplation. Thus the negation of the false-self occurs and passively awaits its own demise.

The Spirit-Mind says that it was empowered to initiate the escape because of the abiding love it has for the Unborn Lord, a compassion which was itself garnered by IT in the very depths of that Dark Contemplation. Thereafter one highly resonates in majestic wonderment having journeyed to the Unborn through this Dark Night. In this fashion, none of the three enemies, the saha-world, the flesh, nor Mara and his evil minions, could obstruct the way forward into Divine Union; for that marvelous night of liberating grace quietened and subdued all manner of distracting obstructions originating from sensual appetites. And so the liberated spirit chants:

“In the Darkness of Night…”

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One Response to Dark Night of the Unborn

  1. emaho says:

    With boundless Bodhichitta in the Blessed Darkness of Night with no I in sight.

    Abandon all reason and Realize the true Nature of the Ineffable Unborn Light.

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