Stuck in Karmadhatu

In reference to the Bodhichild last time we met, what will happen to me once it’s activated?

One may perhaps ask what’s supposed to happen to “my personality”, once the Bodhichild takes precedence over former attachments and desires. In actuality nothing is supposed to happen. There is no sudden Big Mind transformation that supersedes and eliminates one’s former way of addressing the world, i.e. through one’s “little mind”. Big versus little is merely another discriminatory attempt to justify the actions of mind’s outflows which imaginatively attempt to create something superior over something inferior, but in essence there is nothing to overcome.  The only action that is necessary is acceptance. Acceptance of the hard core realization that your present imagined journey here has been self-inflicted and no imagined one or no imagined anything else is to blame for it.

How is that???

Somehow a choice was made to become, dependent origination. In so doing you forfeited your Unborn Spirit for a wild karmic spin and have become identified with a time bound apparent form and are now stuck to adhere to karmic and phenomenal laws of cause and effect. Much like a fly finds itself glued to the web of a spider. You now find yourself in the inescapable realm of karmadhatu.

Well, what’s the solution?

The way out of this mad dream is to shun allegiance to anything other than the essence of Suchness (Unborn Mind) thereby recollecting the pure realm of Dharmadhatu.

But still, how do we walk that tightrope between these two apparent realms? How does one still “relate” to their Samsaric Peers?

Nothing needs to change outwardly, in fact if one tries to change one’s apparent personality people will only consider you strange and out of touch and may even try to lock you away. The Samsaric Peers can only relate to how they know you to be. Yes, our imagined personalities have been formed by those same peers, whether we like to admit this or not; we may have become awakened in the Unborn but they have not and they will never be able to dine with you, nor are they able to digest the same Bodhi-Food.

What is this Bodhi-food?

Bodhicitta, or the enlightened mindstream of the Tathagatas themselves. Fundamentally as children of the Unborn one needs to cultivate a compassionate spirit with their Samsaric Peers; that spirit of compassion is another way of manifesting what those peers perceive as love. Yes, as our ongoing cultivation of the Dharmatic Unborn Will continues, we may be like strangers in the night in a foreign land, but we still need to be able to communicate on many different levels, like good ol’ Vimalakirti in the sutra of the same name.

Yes, but still, are there further pitfalls to be avoided?

Yes, this bodhisattvic resolve does not mean that one is just taken in, by the apparent reality of good or bad experiences or relationships, much like today’s passing weather and the fading rainbows in the sky. Indeed, whatever may adventitiously arise in the body consciousness has no real import and still less any reality in light of the Dharmadhatu.

We still have to deal with our own karma getting in the way…

Far better it is to just allow the karmic game to just spin on its own without succumbing to the rough samsaric seas, whose turbulent waves only appear to arise and cease in the dark whirlpool of the alayavijnana, or the defiled twin of the Bodhichild, who resides, like that wily spider in the dark corners of the collective sensate body-consciousness.

Well then, what’s the best way to proceed in all of this?

Just recollect that there is really nothing to do, or undo, but simply release the ungraspable in the sure and certain hope that this may be your last spin, as you await the arrival of the great deathless dawn, whose Unborn Light will release and reveal no dark stranger—but who you truly are.

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