As Pamela continued on her journey, she eventually found herself standing at the very heart of the Fourth Tower. This particular Tower was dedicated to the practice of meditation, specifically the meditation of Recollection and its subsequent outcome: the Contemplation of Quietude. This was a highly significant practice, one that was said to bring about a multitude of effects.

The wise and experienced practitioner, describes the meditation of Recollection as a supernatural experience, one that was distinct from simply closing one’s eyes or being in darkness. It was a state of mind that did not rely on any external factors, but rather occurred naturally, without any deliberate intention. It was as if the very act of closing one’s eyes and seeking solitude was enough to lay the foundation for this powerful meditation.

As Pamela began to practice this meditation, she felt the grip of her senses and external distractions slowly begin to loosen. It was as if her soul was reclaiming something that it had previously lost. The distractions of the outside world began to fade away, leaving her with a sense of peace and tranquility that she had never experienced before. It was a truly transformative experience, one that would surely stay with her for the rest of her life.

The subsequent section of the scroll predominantly conveyed a parable:

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a great King who resided in the center of a magnificent castle. He was a kind and merciful ruler who always looked after his people. One day, as he was surveying his kingdom, he noticed that some of his subjects had strayed away from their dwelling place and were lost in the wilderness. Despite their disobedience, the King saw their good will and desired to bring them back to himself.  

Like a good shepherd, the King used a whistle so gentle that even the lost subjects almost failed to hear it. However, the whistle had such power that it made them recognize the King’s voice and stopped them from going further astray. The lost subjects were drawn back to their dwelling place by the gentle sound of the King’s whistle.  

The wise of the kingdom spoke of hearing about this supernal whistle. It was likened to Parato ghosa, a great deathless sound that is not heard in the conventional sense of hearing. Rather, it is a sublime “inward self-realization” that can only be discerned within one’s own inner-spiritual Ear.  

When one hears the wonderful voice of the Sugata, they are actually being filled with the compassionate and primordial wisdom that reflects the inner sacred sound of suchness (tathata) itself. It is a soundless sound that can only be felt within one’s being.  

Although it is unclear how the lost subjects heard the King’s whistle, it was not through their ears. Instead, they noticed a gentle drawing inward, like a hedgehog curling up or a turtle drawing into a shell. This inward drawing was a sign that they were being called back to their dwelling place by the King’s gentle whistle.  

The King’s whistle was a symbol of his compassion and mercy towards his subjects. It showed that he was willing to forgive their disobedience and bring them back to the safety of their homes. The lost subjects were grateful for the King’s kindness and were filled with a sense of belonging as they returned to their dwelling place.  

In conclusion, the story of the King and his lost subjects is a beautiful metaphor for the compassionate and merciful nature of a great ruler. It also speaks to the power of the inner self-realization that can only be felt within one’s being. The King’s whistle was a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a way back to the safety of home.  

Everything in this journey depends on the Contemplation of Quietude, a state of deep introspection that soothes the restless soul and allows it to connect with its Unborn-Self. In this state, the soul becomes one with the tranquility and calmness it discovers in the “repose of contemplation”. This comes after exhausting all previous forms of meditation and finally finding solace in the exclusive focus on the Divine Itself. Essentially, the Contemplation of Quietude is about delving deep within oneself, free from any external disturbances, and finding solace in the serene peace and quiet that embodies the Absolute Nature of the Unborn. It is in this state that one discovers spiritual repose and eternal delight.

Pamela’s journey of self-discovery took a profound turn as she experienced a newfound sense of enlightenment. It was as if a veil had been lifted, revealing a deeper understanding of herself and her place in the world. The Contemplation of Quietude, a sacred practice bestowed upon her, had unlocked a wellspring of spiritual consolations and growth within her.

No longer did Pamela have to rely only on external forces or seek solace in various meditations to nurture her spiritual well-being. The Contemplation of Quietude had become her guiding light, illuminating the path towards inner peace and personal growth. It was a gift that transcended the limitations of the physical world, allowing her to tap into a well of wisdom and tranquility that resided within her own being.

With this newfound realization, Pamela felt a profound sense of liberation. She no longer felt the need to seek validation or fulfillment from external sources. Instead, she embraced the power within herself to cultivate her own spiritual journey. The Contemplation of Quietude had become her constant companion, offering solace and guidance whenever she needed it.

As Pamela delved deeper into the practice, she discovered that the Contemplation of Quietude was not just a means to find temporary solace or fleeting moments of enlightenment. It was a transformative force that propelled her towards spiritual growth and self-realization. Through this practice, she began to unravel the layers of her own consciousness, peeling back the barriers that had hindered her from fully embracing her true potential.

Gone were the days of seeking external validation or relying on outside agencies for spiritual nourishment. Pamela had found a wellspring of strength and wisdom within herself, a source that would never run dry. The Contemplation of Quietude had become her anchor, grounding her in times of uncertainty and guiding her towards a deeper understanding of her own spirituality.

With each passing day, Pamela’s spiritual journey continued to unfold, revealing new insights and revelations. She marveled at the profound impact the Contemplation of Quietude had on her life, forever altering her perspective and transforming her into a more enlightened and self-assured individual.

In the end, Pamela realized that true spiritual growth and self-realization could only be achieved from within. The Contemplation of Quietude had gifted her with the tools to embark further on this transformative journey, empowering her to find solace, wisdom, and growth in the depths of her own being. From that moment forward, she knew that she would never have to depend on external agencies or meditations.

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