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The Crucifixion as At-One-Ment-with the Dharmakaya

Good Friday is considered to be the most solemn day in Christendom; it is known as the ultimate sacrifice as the Christ suffered and died on the Cross for the atonement of people’s sins—so that they could once again be reconciled with God. This most auspicious action can also be recognized as that Supreme Moment when the Anointed-Christos element overcame the dark veil of the five skandhas—as those five-wounds of the Bodhisattva Jesus the Christ represent their very extinction as the Christos-Element awakens and recognizes its True Deathless Self within the Absolute Self-Same Dharmakaya. Indeed, all of the elements of the former egg-shell existence become metamorphosed into Dharmakayic-Unborn-Light. Jesus’ feet representing the earth element; his abdomen, wherein the Spear of Wisdom was thrust (activating that awakening self-realization) representing the water element; his heart, which was pulsating rapidly with blood, representing the Fire element; his parched and aching throat through which the life-force breathes, representing the element wind; his crown which was impinged and throbbing with thorns, representing the element space. With his last dying breath these elements were expunged as he cried-out from the cross of phenomenal pain: “Into your hands, Father, I commend my Unborn Spirit!” This loving Bodhisattvic Action was fully the Atonement—the great Metamorphosis—That At-One-Ment with the Dharmakaya Itself, thus empowering many to cross over from the sea of pain in samsara into Dharmameghic Ecstasy. read more

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