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Can you celebrate the 100,000 suns?

Can you celebrate the 100,000 suns? Such will be the gamut of your Bardo experience. In the Bardo of Dharmatā, the Dharmatā Buddha will shower you with the primordial light of 100,000 suns. In this pivotal moment of reunification and refulgent immersion, one will not be burnt to toast but instead all that has been false in you throughout the millennia will dissipate like a young moth unfurling her wings from its darkened and stinking cocoon.  Do you see this glimmer of recognition? For the first time you are beholding your original face, not that false persona that societal norms have inflicted upon you. If you’re not careful, this window of golden opportunity will be lost—perhaps for further kalpas untold. For most, this will be an unbearable occurrence as they are terrified and repelled by the brilliance of this resilient light as they slither away in search of softer, more garish lights of further rebecoming in one of the six realms of impermanence. Prior-preparedness is vital. Undergo the gnosis of the Deathless Sound of the Tathagatakaya, that necessary mind-training lathered in Deep Samadhis that permanently expunges any further regenesis. Without this Final Release all is lost. read more

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Beyond the Rainbow Body

At the outset it needs to be stressed that this is not a series debunking the phenomenon of what has come to be known as the Rainbow-Body. On the contrary, this phenomenon is highly researched and publicized and warranted as a true bodily-transformation into “Pure-Light”. This brings to mind the excellent research done by Father Francis V. Tiso, as chronicled in his recent publication, “Rainbow Body and Resurrection”, which is an exhaustive study on the life and death of Khenpo A-chos, a Gelugpa monk from Kham, Tibet, who died in 1998. At the time of his death it was reported by eye-witnesses that his body soon resembled a pinkish-hue and then began to shrink—a common manifestation of those Tibetans who have undergone a similar transfiguration. Soon afterwards, “rainbows” began appearing in the sky accompanied by music and the sweet scent of perfume—quite akin to the fragrance reported by Western-accounts of sundry saints throughout the millennia. This is just one account of countless others that have occurred, some recent, and others like the mythic-anecdotes of Padmasambhava, whom at the time of his death, dissolved his body completely “back to their natural elements leaving nothing behind.” For complete historical analyses of such accounts I refer the reader to the following excellent links: read more

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