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The Karma Factor

            Amazing Art by Daniel Martin Diaz

Being reborn in the hell-realms is based upon the degree of negative-karma to warrant such a rebirth. This karmic-principle is merciless and irrevocable. As the Dhammapada teaches, you are what you think, and what you think leads to actions and in so doing one can reap much bitter fruit if those actions are wrongfully-conceived and administered. This is not just limited to human beings but also to inhabitants of the god-realms as well. Yea, any being, even devas, are responsible for their actions—thus one is not punished or rewarded by celestial agencies but by one’s own karmic-triggers [action].  Although out of the six realms of impermanence, it is best to be reborn as a human, since the human agency can best be transformed through the Holy Dharma in transcending the samsaric-curse and thus stop the karmic-wheel of transmigration, regeneration and rebirth: read more

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