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Image by Lori Gardi As long as there is something attained, there is so much error rising; when the Mind itself is thoroughly understood, error neither rises nor ceases. The perennial problem often with zen-adepts is that some form of … Continue reading

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The Three Pillars of Tathagatagarbha Zen

  The Three Pillars of Tathagatagarbha Zen: Great obeisance to the blessed Ârya-prajñâ-pâramitâ (perfection of Noble Wisdom) Buddhagnosis: Being fully attuned with prior-to cognitive abilities and discernment as procured from Sutra-Study and Dharma-teachings received from teachers/sages who are well-versed in … Continue reading

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Predestined Karmic Associations

Part 2: On Prajñā  Prologue:  (Yampolsky) “I was predestined to come to live here and to preach to you officials, monks, and laymen. My teaching has been handed down from the sages of the past; it is not my own … Continue reading

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