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It may be of interest to some of the readership as to what is the method employed when undertaking the exegesis of the Sutras in these Dharma-series. Firstly, the given Chapters are diligently read and digested in terms of its main import which is then followed by reading the different translations side-by-side, accompanied with some research on key elements. Afterwards I enter into meditation, preferably with an appropriate ambient-audio track that fine-tunes the inner recesses of my spirit. Next I invoke the unparalleled aid of the Tathagatas, sometime referred in various series as the Primordial Mentor, empowering me to discern what stands out as a dominant theme in the given chapter. The given dominant theme usually becomes the title of the blog itself. Some time is then spent away from the Dharma-study altogether allowing all of these inspired elements to slowly come together in one coherent whole, much like a simmering-stew. After all this preparation, whilst continually invoking the aid of the Primordial Spirit, the blog itself is ready for composition. read more

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