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The Dharmacloud

When one transcends beyond the narrow confines of the sensate faculties (skandhas), the overlords of samsara itself, there is a growing sense of up-rootedness and even fear and trembling at the prospect of surrendering even one’s will into the realm of the unknowable. Yet, taking that next step beyond is a decision to leave behind all former known modes of perception that were, in reality, hindering the adept from entering into the undiscovered and imageless path of the Sacred Unknowable. This Read more [...]

The Bodhisoul

Being bestowed with the dark principle of the Unborn Buddha Mind opens the secret entrance to the Bodhisoul. This is truly a state of buddhaic bliss whose divine darkness blinds the obtuse body consciousness, rendering the reliance on its tired old tricks of maintaining a false sense of separation ineffectual and void in the face of this deathless love. The Bodhisoul is boundless and can only be realized when one discovers that all former spiritual experiences are pale and self-empty when compared Read more [...]