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The Sixteen Voids of the Vajrayana

It’s been said that the teachings of the Vajrayana were first imparted to the gods and nagas before being conferred upon the human realms. This is based upon the transcendental gnosis of Voidness, which is firstly imparted to dharma realms that are not initially dependent upon corrupted phenomena and faulty thought-paradigms. This is based upon the principle of sarva-śūnya: read more

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Terma: A Mind Film by Vajragoni

Readers of this blog over the years may have discerned that the posts are cyclical in nature. When the blog-season resumes in August, the subject-matter relates to elements of my own spirituality that explores the deeper regions of the Unborn. After the summer the blog maintains its continuity with sutra and related commentaries. The film presented here depicts the spiritual-practice of Terma, or the discovery of hidden Bodhi-treasures. The opening “Drone-Sequence” was filmed in the Schoharie-Mountain region of upstate-NY. Its location was first observed by me back in 2005 while riding back home from Woodstock with some friends. We were traveling on a lonely country route when suddenly a vast vista appeared of what resembled an ancient and primordial-pool with a glorious mountainous backdrop. The setting is most unique. It was chosen for the film to illustrate the primordial-import of the spiritual mysteries that are woven throughout the cinematic showcase. Most of the action appears in an ancient cemetery, chosen to highlight the spiritual ambiance of Chöd, meaning cutting-through all the barriers to Self-Realization as well as empowering the yogin to sustain a primordial appearance that is free from all fear. The young woman in the film is Tarynia, representative of a Ḍākiṇī—in this instance the bearer and revealer of the spiritual treasures (Dharma-Tools) that are blessed by the Yogin-Bodhi Shaman. A series on Ḍākiṇī and its vast spiritual-import will be forthcoming soon. Enjoy! read more

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