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The Jewel of the Dharma

We next turn to the Dharma as the Second Vajra-point. “From the Jewel of the Buddha comes the Jewel of the Doctrine.” This is presented with the same structure: a direct homage to the Blessed Teaching of the Tathagata by highlighting its prominent aspects. Then it enumerates the eight qualities of the Dharma. read more

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20. Deliverance

Akshobhya’s Ablution

A spiritual cleansing is at hand as Akshobhya’s Ablution washes-away past discord and strife within his primordial-pool of adamantine abeyance. This is a time of renewal and a rekindling of Noble aspirations leading to complete and unobstructed adherence to core principles within the Unborn. While much has been wasted more is now regained in rejuvenating spirit’s quest for deliverance from all disharmonious stimuli and sodalities. read more

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