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A Quality of Detachment

Ashtavakra: 6.1 Duties done and left undone, forgo this game of opposites and the imaginary [person] to whom they are owed. Be detached from such annoyances and turn away from them with an eye of indifference.   As long as … Continue reading

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The Praxis of Detachment

Eckhart writes in a treatise On Detachment and on Possessing God: I was asked, ‘Some people shun all company and always want to be alone; their peace depends on it, and on being in church. Was that the best thing? … Continue reading

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The Four Jhāna

Jhana Bowen As a foundation for the introduction of the Four Jhāna, Evola stressed the twin-disciplines of sīla and Samadhi. The former has to do with “right conduct”, but one that is “more than the limitations of accepted morality.” It … Continue reading

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Four: Detachment “Furthermore, Subhuti, in the practice of generosity a bodhisattva should be unsupported. He or she should practice all the paramitas without regard to sight, sound, touch, flavor, smell, or any other thought construct that should arise. Subhuti, in … Continue reading

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