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Lost Zen-beginner, but with a great heart?

Lost Zen-beginner, but with a great heart? – No sweat, Buddha Priya to the rescue…

BUDDHAPRIYA was an indian Buddhist monk whom arrived around 100 years after Bodhidharmas death to China. Compared to the extreme tamasic Zen style by Bodhidharma, he had a more practical and softer approach to Zen for beginners. Where Bodhidharma style was tamasic (sudden´and ruthless), Buddhapriyas was more Rajasic (patiently kind and gradual) with a pinch of tamasic directness, sternness in terms of discipline and concentration. read more

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Four: Detachment

“Furthermore, Subhuti, in the practice of generosity a bodhisattva should be unsupported. He or she should practice all the paramitas without regard to sight, sound, touch, flavor, smell, or any other thought construct that should arise. Subhuti, in this fashion a bodhisattva upholds the paramitas without the supportive notion bearing the mark of any kind of a sign. Why? When a bodhisattva practices the paramitas without the added supportive element of a sign-value, his or her merit will outshine any form of conception. Subhuti, what do you think? Can you measure the vast space extending eastward?” read more

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