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Dark Lives Matter

Science assures us that all-there-is originated from a single-point of (Unborn—inclusion mine) singularity. From this it also asserts that 4% of the evolvement is ordinary matter; 23% is what has come to be known as Dark Matter; yet an astounding 73% is Dark Energy—the very mystical prajna that animates the whole of phenomena. It has also been purported that Dark Matter is the material that makes up all of the galaxies, stars, planets and heavens of the afterlife (from an article entitled, The Awesome Powers of Dark Energy and Matter – A New Cosmology?); its very substance resembles that of an Astral-Body of Dark Energy. The same author of the article maintains that “even vaster, more complex universes of dark matter may have been created from dark energy with even greater ease, because the particles of dark matter are of an even finer vibration and much more common than those of physical (baryonic) matter which is of a lower vibration.” Because of this the author also speculates that much of the “UFO phenomena” originates from “civilizations (that) are visiting us from these realms of dark matter but they have to calibrate their vibration rate just for us to see them as strange objects and/or lights in the sky that quickly disappear back into their natural invisible or “dark matter” state.” After many years of studying the “extraterrestrial phenomena” as a whole, yours truly  has come to believe that they do indeed originate—not from some isolated regions of Outer Space—but from these “dark-dimensions” that are concurrent with our own universe. Also, if some of the current research from within the UFO Culture is correct, then human terrestrials may have evolved from DNA that originated from Star-Beings that are inhabitants of these alternative dark dimensions; constitutive of Dark Matter, then physiologically we are indeed part and parcel of Dark (Lives) Matter. read more

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