The Buddhasoul

Quite contrary to contemporary Buddhist and Zennist incomprehension…there is a Supreme Buddhasoul, or Buddhacitta. Soul is synonymous with Self and Mind and really speaks to the flowering quintessence (the soul is likened to the opening of a lotus) of the unnamable and unknowable Primordial-Monistic Negativa—in essence, the via-positiva emerging from the via-negativa. It is what swells up inside you when struck by something profound (De Profundis: when the Original Recognition turns back upon Itself); in a sense, celebrating this Self-recognitionem; it is what occurs within the Garbha-dhatu, or the realm of the bodhi-womb.

There are mystical means of joining (Yoga) as One (homogenous) with this Primordial celebration, such as the mystic-invocations, or dharanis—like the one we celebrated at the end of our study of the Lanka. Perhaps the most familiar dharani is, Om mani padme Hum—which translates as the bodhi-jewel in the lotus. In Tibetan mythology this is invoking the aid of Padmasabghava, but this goes even deeper still, for those with little sand in their eyes look upon Padmasabghava ( Avalokiteshvara, too) as the incarnate Bodhichild manifesting the Buddhadharma, in effect, invoking the cessation of the turning-wheel of the vijnanas, which in turn becomes metamorphosed into the Dharma-Wheel ITself, Dharmacakra.

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