Transcending Karma


4.16 Even the greatest of spiritual sojourners’ become erratic when distinguishing between action and inaction. Yet, I will reveal to you what true-action is that will empower you to transcend all evil.

Even those who have encountered the spiritual heights can once again become bogged-down by sensate phenomena after the ecstatic-union has lapsed.

4.17 For many the true nature of action is difficult to fathom; yet you must come to terms with what constitutes true action vs. inaction and also what form of actions to avoid altogether.

4.18 The wise ones are those who can discern inaction within action, and the action within inaction. One is a true yogin only when one’s consciousness’ becomes unified within these apparent contradictions; indeed, when all is accomplished through the undivided power of bodhi.

This is basically a review in what was taught back in 3.4, and that is Wu-shin, or actionless-action. When the yogin can learn to spontaneously induce no-thought in action, then Mind itself just responds or does not respond with whatever is appropriate. In this fashion all just unfolds on its own accord as the yogin effortlessly carries out all that is required.

4.19 Such a one is known as a sage since whatever is undertaken occurs without any desire to apprehend or know what the outcome will be; in this sense their actions are purified within the fire of Noble Wisdom.

Such actions are refined by the Gnosis of the Truth. In such a fashion a yogin’s selfless actions are done according to the Divine Unborn Will and for no-other reason.

4.20 Since such a one is no-longer attached to the fruits of their actions—whether to acknowledge recognition for one’s efforts or not—one is always content whatever the outcome may be. Indeed, though one appears to be the doer of the action (karma), in actuality they are not; it’s really the Divine Action flowing through them.

Just get-out-of-the-way and allow things to unfold of their own accord; in this way one allows the Divine Action to come-through.

4.21 So, expect nothing for your efforts, and then you will have control over a mad ego that would like to run amok, drunk with an endless desire for recognition. In this way action on your part will be pure and effortless, unstained by the influence of the skandhic-mind.

4.22 Being content with whatever unfolds on its own accord, being envious of no-one and maintaining spiritual equanimity in either success or failure, you will no longer be bound by the laws of karma.

This is true actionless-action, really “Being-There in the Spirit”, and basking in the Light of Divine Action. In this way one transcends the effects of karma.

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