Vairocana’s Vajrasattva Empowerment


The power of Bodhi vs. the power of Mara is as timeworn as the Universe itself. It is the ongoing mêlée between time-bound reality and timeless-forces armed with deathlessness.  It was again fought in close-quarters within the Iron Stupa as our protagonist’s Body, Speech, and Mind—now refined as such—became the weapon that was prepared to clash with this Present Darkness as embodied in the evil agent of the Dark Lord of Agarthi. As the Black Ngagspa reached out in an attempt to exterminate Schäfer with his touch of Green-Death, Divine Providence once again intervened as Blessed White Tara blinded him with a Radiant-Flash of Luminosity that no mortal-eyes can withstand.

She then turned to our protagonist and began to initiate his final empowerment, thus completing the transformation into a Bodhi master, a Vajrasattva (Diamond-Mind Being). 

The yogin is now about to experience the consummation of his practice, the final-leg of his journey through the empyreal Iron Stupa. Like the Arhats of old he has already become a “mover-at-will”, having reached the Door of the Summit (the apex of the Stupa) on the Spiritual Journey it now opens to reveal the Cosmic Home of the Tathagatas.  He has thus returned to his Primordial-Self—the Divine Center (the nucleus of the Dragon-Eye of Tathata ) which is a reintegration with his innate Unborn-ness. While the Arhats are the worthy-ones who have completed this divine ascent, it is the Bodhisattva who not only knocks upon the door, but who actually enters into the Reality of the Tathagatas—the Dharmadhatu. Herein resides the supernal-prize, the transfiguration into a Vajrasattva, or a Diamond Mind-adamantine being who is impervious to all former samsaric ways and afflictions and is prepared for Final Liberation. 

What appeared to have transpired but in a brief moment, Blessed White Tara extended her hands on Schäfer’s head and bestowed upon him the following Empowerment: 

Around the Mantric-Syallable Hūm—the very center of his heart (Self) chakra—there appeared the shining four syllables OM VAJRA SAT-TVA that radiated Light in all directions. He then envisioned his Body, Speech, and Mind melding into the combined configuration of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, becoming one with their Bodhi-field—a Vajrasattva. Now within his Self-Chakra there appeared a moon-disc bearing a blue Hūm; to his east, directly in front, a white Om; to the south, directly to his right, a yellow Vajra; to the west, at his back, a red Sat; and to his north, directly to the left, a green Tva:


All these letters, spiraling light-rays in all ten-directions, altogether filled immeasurable space and touched the very soul of all sentient beings. In such vein, all worlds were transfigured into vast Buddha-fields, with all sentient beings now radiating the five sacred colors of the Vajrasattva, whilst simultaneously all sounds were transformed into OM VAJRA SAT-TVA HŪM. 

From this sacred action, the demonic intent of the Black Ngagspa simply decomposed in their transcendent sight.

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