23. Implosion!

hex 23

Ratnasambhava Supressed


Evil forces are prevailing. Do not attempt to intervene. Inner-reserves are at low ebb and forcing the issue will result in implosion—Ratnasambhava Supressed as the foundation is beginning to crumble beneath the awful weight of insurmountable odds. Time to steer well-clear of any action and permit the Primordials to assume control with their banner of Noble Resolve and tenacious Spirit.

Trusting now exclusively in non-action, acceptance of one’s limitations, and willingness to permit Superior Forces to intervene for you will regain the very substance of indomitable fortification in the Unborn.


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yin: The foot of the bed lies at the end of its tethers—misfortune!

There is corruption even within the bedrock’s foundation; invoke swift Primordial intervention to carry on with Right Determination.

Second yin: The bed is stripped of its frame—alone, no friends.

All mundane support systems are stripped-clean of any value—fervently wait on the arrival of celestial benefactors who will clear the debris and help you to build anew.

Third yin: Shedding both above and below alike.

Totally alone. No blame. Trust in aloneness as your only companion at this time.

Fourth yin: The mattress is soiled and devoid of any usefulness.

No comfort left. Yet comfortlessness, too, must be trusted.

Fifth yin: A passing school of fish—reverse course.

There is still movement and life in the sea of great discontent—swim with it and abandon what cannot be resolved.

Sixth yang: Hard fruit is not to be eaten. The Noble One wins the Vehicle of Truth. Inferior personas choke on their own desires.

Cling to Right Virtue and never succumb to the taste of bitter fruit. The Return of True Nobility is at hand.

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