25. Fidelity

hex 25

Vairochana’s Rule


The filial spirit is the very apex of fidelity and honors an unbroken allegiance by faithfully following the precepts of the Buddha family: Vairochana’s Rule. Fidelity is always successful and epitomizes Right Judgment under all circumstances. Yea, without faithfully adhering to the Primordial Order one courts disaster itself. What prudent use is there engaging in activity if not under the protective shield of Divine decrees?

Allow yourself now to be guided by celestial agencies who always place your best interests first and foremost; they are always faithful to you—ought you not in like fashion to sign the self-same seal of fidelity?


Interpretation of the Lines (in ascending order)

First yang: Correct thought issues forth Right Fidelity.

With your thoughts you create your mind-environment. Correct thought equals correct action equals Right Fidelity in the Unborn.

Second yin: Do not reap the harvest until it is time. Premature action is ill advised.

Do not anticipate future results. Sow your thoughts and actions wisely lest you spill your seed in vain.

Third yin: Unexpected setback! Maintain fidelity in the Primordial Order lest the misfortune becomes compounded.

Remain firm in Right Resolve and this too shall pass.

Fourth yang: The slightest carelessness will spoil the broth.

Attend carefully lest you falter in your Noble efforts.

Fifth yang: Unexpected illness, don’t panic!

Do not force any concocted remedies into the mix, let it heal of its own accord.

Sixth yang: Do not welcome any unexpected journeys.

Taking on the unexpected now will only result in a state of exhaustion.

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