Dark Contemplation

Contemplation in the Great Perfection of the Unborn Mind entails simply resting in the Natural Primordial Order. This has nothing to do with any form of meditation that is induced through any mental activities of the carnal mind. To the contrary, it is the total abeyance of discursive thought movement by being at one with the Unborn thus stilling all former cognitive operations. It needs to be stated unequivocally that this contemplation is as different from meditation as chalk is to cheese. This includes bypassing the ascension of even the highest dhyana that still entails a one-pointed concentration that is forever interlocked with normal cognitive functions. Dark Contemplation is totally beyond all these mechanisms, even beyond the vaunted [being] “prior-to” all phenomena since this “priorness” is still mind-initiated–an intensive and intentional [action.] Dark Contemplation is far and removed from these mentalized trifles, beyond any sequences of cause and effect, beyond time-bracketed functionality itself. At the same instance, the Unborn remains the source and very matrix of all phenomenal associations.

There is no possibility of trying to “stop the mind” or preventing cognition, as the mind is not some type of stop-watch since its functions continue to flow whether the subject desires it to do so or not. If one should attempt to prevent them from their natural proclivity, they will simply re-emerge at a later junction but this time infused with an even more radical energy. Dark Contemplation is relaxing into whatever comes but not becoming fixated with anything. Total Relaxation that is characterized with an avid “alertness”, a totally vivifying acceptance with whatever experience is unfolding itself. No-purging or purifying needed. This is the direct aim of the Great Perfection–being at-one-ment with the Natural Unbornness. Just remain open and aware of whatever transpires with no judgment and being as it were, part and parcel of It.

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