The Four-fold Way to Dissolution


5.1 You have no contact with phenomena, therefore you are not bound to anything. What need to renounce? Extinguish the five aggregates thus initiating Dissolution.

The disbandment of the five aggregates assures no further contact with unwholesome dharmatas.

5.2 The Universe arises out of you like foaming bubbles. Know the Ātman to be the One Lord over all thus entering into Dissolution.

Gnosis that the Ātman Alone is all there is negates the phenomenal world; in this fashion the Absolute is Self-realized. THAT is Dissolution—suspension of all things outside the Unborn.

5.3 The ever expanding Universe is like a snake uncoiling in the rope; since you are eternally Pure it will not appear to exist in your Mind’s Eye, since it’s all Un-Real. Verily do you know the Dissolution of all that is not the One and Unborn.

5.4 You are even-tempered in both moments of pain and pleasure, in moments of hope and despair, yea in the whole spectrum of life and death—thus does Dissolution over all occur unhampered.

Dissolution is letting-go of all pairs of opposites—thus is true freedom won.



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