The Weapon of Choice

The encounter with the Primordial brought about a deep understanding and intense enlightenment. Yet, in that moment of deep introspection, as Evan fully immersed himself in contemplation, devoting all his mental faculties to exploring the depths within, something alarming took place. It is difficult to put into words, but it seemed as if, from the corners of his concentrated awareness, he detected the motion of an otherworldly presence. It was an unsettling jolt, similar to the sensation of feeling an unexpected, slithering movement against one’s leg while resting serenely in bed. Initially, Evan had conceived that the presence of mind vermin could be traced back to antiquity. But here he was now experiencing the damn thing. Evan contemplated allowing it to pass, as he surmised that they were merely projections originating from the recesses of the dark psyche.  However, as soon as he had commenced this action, the dreadful sensation commenced to escalate once more.

Suddenly, it occurred to him to initiate a state of non-action, in accordance with the principles of the wu-wei equation. For a period of time, this appeared to be the resolution; nevertheless, he was acutely cognizant of its continued presence, akin to a spider poised in the shadowy recesses of its web, ready to pounce. Adequate measures had been implemented. It was now imperative to solicit the aid of a most potent spiritual weaponry.

It was time to harness the protective capabilities of the illustrious Phurba. This Adamantine-Sword, also known as the Dhyani Buddha, Amoghasiddhi, is a symbol of unparalleled power. Amoghasiddhi, in his wrathful form of Vajrakilaya, utilizes the Phurba to counteract negative influences, particularly those of demonic origin. The Sanskrit term for this divine entity is ‘kila’ or ‘kilaya’. The Phurba is adorned with the motif of a naga, with descending tails that converge into a sharp point at the triangular blade’s end. Contrary to popular belief, the Phurba is not a mere inanimate piece of iron, but rather a mystical entity, brimming with vitality and energy. Any practitioner must approach it with the utmost respect and caution.

Traditionally, these “banning daggers” are crafted from iron, preferably from meteoric sources, to exert dominance over demonic forces. It is crucial to note that Buddhist practitioners who wield the Phurba do not seek to destroy, but rather to subdue and neutralize negative forces, much like isolating a computer virus. Evans Phurbas were crafted from a substance resembling marble, a testament to his refined taste and appreciation for the finer things in life. He wielded one at the moment, twirling it in his hands while chanting the sacred incantation to calm and subdue the hostile mental forces that persistently assailed him. The Phurba is a true embodiment of luxury and power, a divine entity that commands respect and admiration from all who encounter it.

OM= A great sacred matter, as
SARVAR= any given polymorphous being is forewarned
HUM=and earnestly scolded
KILA, KILAYA=and forewarned with the phurba
PHET=the evil presence ought to disappear and release itself from any further evil intentions

Evan held the belief that the origin of human power stems from a covert life force that dwells within the innermost depths of one’s being. The utilization of the Phurba served to concentrate this understanding, harnessing energy like a focal beam from the Unborn Source Itself. This Source embodies the unchanging focal point of man’s existence, his genuine essence, and is impervious to annihilation. As a result, the cognitive arthropods were rendered unable to gain entry to said Source. Their sole alternative was to surreptitiously siphon energy during its conveyance from the aforementioned profound Source to the conscious entity of sentient beings. The victory had been secured, at least for the time being.


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