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Karma’s Repository

The advent of Mahāyāna Buddhism that coincided with the beginning of the Christian-era gave birth to the most sublime innovations in Buddhist-thought that have not been surpassed even to this day. Colorful, dynamic and transcendent in scope, resplendent with rich … Continue reading

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Conjoined Realities

To this very day there is little consensus as to the precise-relationship between tathagatā-garbha and alaya-vijñāna. Seong-Uk Kin, in his excellent extract, “Understanding Tsung-mi’s View on Buddha Nature”, nicely extrapolates on its evolving traits. The concept of alaya-vijñāna first appeared … Continue reading

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Staying in the Mind Current

iii. 2. Dhyana 3.2 Uninterrupted Meditation Dhyana is sustained Dhāranā. After mastering the ability to remain focused on one point without any interruption, one then develops the ability to enter into an uninterrupted current of focus. It is said that … Continue reading

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Mind Stabilization

i.35-39 The Means to secure Absolute Contemplative Focus Patañjali utilizes a word in this section that will sound familiar to Lankavatarian adepts: pravṛtti. Fernando Tola and Carmen Dragonetti (mentioned in earlier posts) translate it as follows: A perceptive mental process, … Continue reading

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