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The Top-Ten Qualities of the Ratnagotra

We have arrived at the core-teaching of the Ratna: all sentient beings are endowed with the Buddhagarbha, or the transcendent seed (gotra) of Bodhi. It is taught as Vajra-point four–the Dhātu, or the essence of the Buddha-Element—Tathagata-garbha. As essence, the Dhātu as the inner-most nature is still best serviced by the Gotra, or the [Germ] bodhi-seed enlivening one with the spirit of Bodhi. Obermiller’s translation of the forthcoming is “And the Germ of Buddhahood exists in every living being. Therefore, forever and anon, all that lives is endowed with the Essence of the Buddha.” read more

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Staying in the Mind Current

iii. 2. Dhyana

3.2 Uninterrupted Meditation

Dhyana is sustained Dhāranā. After mastering the ability to remain focused on one point without any interruption, one then develops the ability to enter into an uninterrupted current of focus. It is said that when one enters into Deep Dhyana then one is truly meditating. For instance, one sets aside a particular time frame for meditation, say One-Hour. At the end of the session it felt like you were only participating in this for just 5 minutes—it’s then that you know you’ve been truly meditating. If, on the other hand, the whole experience seems so laborious—unending—then you are certainly not in the “current”, but rather, fighting against it. read more

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The Settled Mind

Verily, I tell you truly, any object you have on your mind, however good, will be a barrier between you and the inmost truth. —MEISTER ECKHART  read more

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