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The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali Book III: Siddhis We have arrived at a most fascinating junction in this Yoga Sutras series; we shall be exploring the Heightened Mystical Powers, or more commonly known as the Siddhis. Firstly, it is critical that one understands that these Powers should not be approached unless what has been covered in Books I & II has been thoroughly digested. When Yoga’s Eight Limbs and its accompanying Principles, along with one’s experiences in league with those principles, Read more [...]

The Yogasūtras of Patañjali

Perhaps more than any other reference in the annals of Sacred-Texts on the Inner-Journey, the Yogasūtras of Patañjali provides the authoritative Key that links them all. Many diverse spiritual traditions turn to this manual time and time again in illustrating what key elements need to be met in order to successfully navigate the “arcane channels within” that orchestrate the Contemplative-Arcs of Samādhi itself.  It is here alone that the full thrust of the Yogayana is thoroughly and Read more [...]

The Demons of Thought

  "Ananda, when the good person who is cultivating samadhi has put an end to the feeling skandha, although he has not achieved freedom from outflows, his mind can leave his body the way a bird escapes from a cage. From within his ordinary body, he already has the potential for ascending through the Bodhisattvas' sixty levels of sagehood. He is now able to use his mind to create a spiritual-body and can roam freely without obstruction. "This is like someone talking in his sleep. Although Read more [...]

The Demons of Form

  "Ananda, you should know that as a cultivator sits in the Bodhimanda, he is doing away with all thoughts. When his thoughts come to an end, there will be nothing on his mind. This state of pure clarity will stay the same whether in movement or stillness, in remembrance or forgetfulness. "When he dwells in this place and enters samadhi, he is like a person with clear vision who finds himself in total darkness. Although his nature is wonderfully pure, his mind is not yet illuminated. This Read more [...]