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(10) The Cloud

Because you once forgot the vast deathless sky, you once became this tiny lonely cloud.

Drifting around, one amongst many others. read more

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(6) The Womb of Light

The desireful, skandha-poisoned “false” self, is doomed to fail and become reborn in different forms (depending on its karma) as long as it does not acknowledge the treasure that follows it wherever it goes. read more

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Colin Wilson, (1931-2013)

Just discovered that my favorite author, Colin Wilson, passed-away recently; I’ve made reference to Wilson’s work in the past within some of these blog posts. Became acquainted with his writings as a teen in the 1970’s and his work was most influential for my young spiritual development at the time. I also had the privilege of attending one of his workshops at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY in 1990. He was a leading herald for new existential-evolutionary advancements in consciousness and his eclectic style has always been a source of inspiration. It truly feels like I’ve lost a close friend. The following is an in-depth obit: read more

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The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali

Book III: Siddhis

We have arrived at a most fascinating junction in this Yoga Sutras series; we shall be exploring the Heightened Mystical Powers, or more commonly known as the Siddhis. Firstly, it is critical that one understands that these Powers should not be approached unless what has been covered in Books I & II has been thoroughly digested. When Yoga’s Eight Limbs and its accompanying Principles, along with one’s experiences in league with those principles, have been faithfully attended, then one will have earned a most astute foundation in which to build upon before one dare enter into these Powers. In this fashion, separated from the skandhic-chains that keep one bound to the powers of Mara’s materially-spawned minions, the yogin is now freed to engage in these spiritual techniques. Unless this foundation is laid, then one is still in danger from these negative forces that will, in effect, be accompanying you throughout your sojourn into these mystical forays. Indeed, they will use these self-same techniques to bind you ever deeper into their nefarious designs for your spirit. So, Caveat Spiritus—let your spirit beware! read more

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Right Breath Regulation

ii.49-52 Right Breath Regulation

2.49 Pranayama is mastering the flow of the life-force (Prana/Qi) through proper Breath Regulation. read more

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Cosmic Bodhifield

Ten: Cosmic Bodhifield

The Buddha asked Subhuti, “In ancient times when the Tathagata practiced under Buddha Dipankara, did he attain any Dharma?” read more

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