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The Descent of Adi-Buddha Samantabhadra

The Tathāgatagarbhatārā Tantra

Verily, I take refuge in the Buddha, for imageless is the Tathagata—who cannot be seen by mortal eyes…  read more

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The Descent (I’m Only Sleeping): Bardo 2, Part 2

Making the descent through the Bardo-doors of sleep is oftentimes a disorientating phenomenon. The paramount point to keep in mind is that, in terms of the Trikayic formulation, this is a Sambhogakayic dimension—whereas in Bardo One the Mind-journey of the Awareness Principle (via the Awareness Mechanism) is Nirmanakayic in nature. The experience on this Sambhogakayic plane is multidimensional in stature. All former 3-dimensional rules of perception are now superseded by Unifyic-Explosions of infinitesimal and kaleidoscope-like connections that unfold energetic layers of inter-dimensional kinship that bespeak the atomic and subatomic quanticity of Mind while in pluralized-obstruction-mode of self-expression. This self-revealed pluralicity is a mirrored quantization of the Nirmanakayic-field whose actual structure is masked by the field blocking out roughly 98% of its perceptional abilities, thus the awareness mechanism in Bardo One perceives just 2% of what is actually there. It’s like living in an outer-Siberia—with extraverted extractions of coalesced fluids (the chemical compoundedness of Mind’s plurality) that come-together under the guise of skandhic-elements that actually set-into-motion the karmic crud that clogs the arteries of the primordial energetic bodhiflow that can alone reroute Mind from the wandering samsaric escapades since beginningless exposures to particularized patterns of fate within the alayaic-bubble of karmadhatu. It is within this “Field of Dreams”—the Sambhogakayic dimension—that the developing Awareness Principle (like on training-wheels) gets its first exposure to the manomayakāya, or its Diamond-Mind Body that will be more fully developed and brought to a perfected state of Samadhi in Bardo Realm Three—or in that Dharmakayic dimension where the primordial awakened resonances emanate from the dark and luminous bodies of the Tathagatas themselves, as they anoint the bodhichild with the diamond-like resilience of the Sugata-garbha, the Supreme Womb of Buddhaic and Dharmakayic Light. Indeed, it is the manomayakāyic body that the Tibetan Book of the Dead itself refers to in the later Bardo’s as it resiliently withstands even the full-onslaught of the Wrathful Deities and Demons. read more

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