(11) The Quest for the Unborn


The quest for the Unborn, is indeed a quest that is vast in terms of allegiance and determination.

The word of the Unborn…

Is essentially the only dharma, an Unborn Mind adept needs while proceeding towards supreme enlightenment.

When the word is not understood nor trusted, the ONE becomes many [phenomena].

Yet it is essential here to understand that this ONE is not an entity, nor a phenomenon nor a numerical description of the dharmadhatu.

One here denotes mind only, or Cittamatra.

It is erroneous to engage in thinking in terms of ONE or many, for the Illuminating power of the dharmadhatu, can instantly, by its own ‘shadowmaking’ function, manifest these both subtle and extreme aspects of itself and thus once again be nothing but a transformed karmadhatu.

This transformation is indeed subtle in the sphere of Mind and the transitions of Mind from one present ‘reality’ to another is equally extremely subtle.

Very few in this dharma-ending age will understand this entirely in the ‘mind-blowing’ scope this denotes.

To those whom are new to the dharma and confused into the nature of things, I will say that things exist, thus be careful in what you say or do towards each other.

To those whom are advanced in terms of practice, I will say that things do not exist.

To those whom seek only the element of truth, AS SUCH, I will say the Element of Truth is AS SUCH and nothing else.

To those whom engage in a no-position of the Mind, I will say that this itself is already an engaged position [thus again erroneous].

One either fully understands the ONE law and precept of the Unborn, or does not.

When I say that there is only ONE law and one precept to take refuge in, I mean that this nirvanic element has only in itself ONE law of suchness [true reality].

When your mind flickers the slightest from its radiant truth and consequently does not accept its Thusness, it transforms it instantly into one or a myriad reflections, mirages, shadows, thus IT becomes a Shadow Maker.

This shadow making nature is not itself its true nature but more the manifesting nature which is only its natural illuminating power [animus through sheer dynamis.]
A Mind in perfect phase with its true suchness is a Mind that has made full-stop.

It no longer identifies itself with external or internal phenomena.

To such a Mind it is useless to debate about death or life, or anything at all assumingly linked to it.

It will certainly ‘respond’ in all kind of skilful ways. But you cannot change its perceived supraposition of the truth, because it has recollected the truth as such and hence it is unshakable once in perfect phase with the dharmadhatu.

For this is based on the discovered fact that this indestructible and highly self-evident element animates all kind of ‘reflected truths’, as long as there is separateness from its true phase, which precedes all these apparently arising and cessating phenomena.

To force the Mind to separate itself from these phenomena is to not understand the ONE law of the Unborn, nor the ONE precept.

To attach to these phenomena is equally to not understand the ONE law of the Unborn, nor the ONE precept.

The ONE precept is to know and understand the ‘word’ that denotes the element of truth; to abide in it without the slightest doubt and as such Identify mind with its true immortal nature.

This immortal nature of the Unborn is the neutral precursor and enabler of all realities, all experiences, all Buddhas and all devils.

Its power is awesome beyond conceptual comprehension.

Its LAW is simple once one takes complete refuge in it.

Taking complete refuge in it, one is said to follow its ONE precept.

Abandon this precept and myriad problems arise, along with a myriad temptations, entanglements, shortcomings, joys, love, hate, desires, confusions, insights etc.

All of these giving rise to many precepts in the lower vehicles in order to tame the Mind and bring it back in perfect phase with Mind’s nirvanic element of truth.

This is why the Buddha called this truth the Middle way.

When not understood, from it all positions manifest themselves.

From subtle, up to those considered extreme; be wise and humble in its awesome light, when you contemplate, the ‘word’, that signifies it.

In time its self-evident light, a light like no other lights, will break through and show you what you truly are, when not bewitched by its manifestations.

Thus and by its own right, this great spiritual adventure within this school, is called the Quest, for the Unborn.

Within this quest, you need the compass that points magically towards the treasure.

The ‘word’ is the compass; your determined and disciplined dhyana is the hand that holds it and the power that unveils direction towards the other shore.

Once this great quest is taken there is no more looking back.

Even if you try, your Mind will not let you.

In this, enlightenment is guaranteed.

Therefore, like bodhi children of Unborn light you need to proceed through trial and error.

Study, appliance and evaluation until, annutara samyak sambodhi

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