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(45) A Dark Waltz

Is it wise to dance in the darkness of your own makings? If so, how can any path of knowledge aid yourself to dance beyond such clouds of delusion? What the mind creates it can also uncreate, but to re-define itself as such and nothing else, it need only look upon its own pure reality, its own pure body of absolute truth… The Dharmakaya, which precedes all interacting positions of form and emptiness… In such a moment, for lack of a better word, the mind is capable of instantly Read more [...]


At that time the Buddha said to Śāriputra: “I will now reveal to you before the great assembly of devas, humans, śrāmaṇas, and brahmans that in the past, in the presence of two hundred thousand koṭis of buddhas, I led and inspired you constantly for the sake of the highest path. You have followed my instructions for a long time. Because I led you with skillful means, you were born in my Dharma. At the beginning of Chapter 3, the Blessed-One reveals that this has not been the only Read more [...]

(44) Spiritual Prosperity

Are you one who freely chooses your actions based on right knowledge of self? Or are you someone who is merely chosen by the actions of others in relation to what you conceive as self? Think about this carefully… As it explains much of where and what you are presently in this artificial continuum of ever-changing conditions. In the end none of your worldly accomplishments or failures means anything at all… In fact, if this arisen set of dreams in your mind is not completely transcended… The Read more [...]

The One Vehicle

The Buddha addressed Śāriputra, saying: “The Buddha Tathāgatas lead and inspire only bodhisattvas. All the acts of a buddha are always for one purpose. The buddhas manifest their wisdom and insight solely to inspire sentient beings to enlightenment. “O Śāriputra! A Tathāgata teaches sentient beings the Dharma only through the single buddha vehicle. There is no other, neither a second nor a third. “O Śāriputra! The true nature of all the buddhas of the ten directions is exactly Read more [...]

(43) A Karma Float

When old karma is triggered by precise condition patterns, much like dormant genes in biological cell-structures are triggered by special viruses and other protein chains of various chemical combinations, they float up to the tangible spectral perception range of the body consciousness. Once there they start to "form" connections with other information chains floating around like small islands of three-and four-dimensional information imagery. The untrained mind, caught in the deep habit Read more [...]

(42) The Zen Mind

Without a pure heart there can never be a pure Mind. And without a pure Mind there can never be an entrance into the permanent principle of all Buddhas. The Mind of Zen is the candle that lights your way in darkness. Where love to your next thought may seem as something desirable in a world of distress, the Mind of Zen is the light that enables an elevated emancipation of self beyond the conditions of the worldly. The spirit of Zen is initially, that entrapped will that longs solely to find Read more [...]