The Yoga of Ratnasambhava


1.0 Ratnasambhava is the Matrix of the Jewel

The Ratna-family houses the Jewel of the Tri-Ratna, wherein the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are the Sacred Refuge whose three-fold character Awakens, Enlightens, and Sustains the Dharma-element in sentient beings.

2.0 The Ratna-field is the adamantine foundation of the Void Absolute. Herein rests the strengthening bond that provides the supreme defense and perfection of Buddha-gnosis

Once the gnosis dawns that the fundamental identity of the All rests in Absolute Emptiness, then all-else is secondary and merely emanates from the depths of Imagelessness.

2.1 Like the dissolving away of a magical mandala, so must samsara be “dissolved-away” through Buddha-gnosis

2.2 Dissolvement can only be effected through the experiential impetus

3.0 Wisdom’s Womb is embodied in Ratnasambhava

The Divine Womb of equanimity rests in the Ratna-field, wherein compassion is mirrored through Lochana’s embrace of the Divine Jewel of Suchness.

3.1 True Compassion is boundless love in the One and Absolute

Suchness loves for Suchness-sake. All other purported love is an infection that houses Mara’s death, for Māra is the God of Death but he is also the God of this infectious form of love. Hence, intense attachment to the sentimental love of samsara is an inadequate love that pales in the imageless face of Love for Deathless Suchness.

4.0 The Yin Gate is the doorway through which all Buddhas enter this world

Lochana’s gate is the prajña (sacred wisdom) that gives birth to all Buddhas. This is also mirrored in the other consorts of the Five Dhyani Buddhas.

5.0 The logos spermatikos is the interior reality that generates Bodhicitta and their fruit is illumination

*logos spermatikos: (definition) λόγος σπερματικός: the generative principle of the Universe which creates and takes back all things

5.1 Without the logos spermatikos—heightened Bodhi—there is no possibility of reintegration with the Unborn

5.2 Bodhicitta Is the Dharmakayic Element in Mind’s Self-Development

6.0 Ratnasambhava Rising is like riding a Wind-Horse through the sands of consciousness

As noted in the Blog category, Mystagogia, Ratnasambhava plays a dominant role in the “generation of yogic-heat”. Being the location of the Sugata-garbha chakra (located in the abdominal-cavity), Ratnasambhava and his consort, Lochana, are like a boiling-pot whose luminous winds burns-away excess emotions and renders them all void into the warm body of the Sugata, wherein all rests secure and content in the three jewels of the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

7.0 Avadhuti is the central-channel that funnels all chakra energies away from dualistic consciousness that is entrapped in the right and left nadis to the location of the Sugata-garbha Chakra, wherein the Ratna Energies transmute them into the nondual-state whose only hunger is for parinirvana

8.0 The Ratna-field is a bodhimanda—the Diamond Seat from which the Illumination of the Buddhahood is transmitted by the Tathagatas outside of time and space*

*For example, the same effect occurs when one reads the Diamond Sutra—in reading it one is outside of time and space.

8.1 The Ratna-field is locationless yet is energized anywhere when the revulsion in consciousness (the great Turn-About) occurs

8.2 When the revulsion is initiated (through the grace of abundant bodhipower) the skandhic-will is abdicated and nullified through a kind of consubstantialization with the Unborn and Absolute

9.0 The Ratna-field initiates the process of inner-yoga that reverses the wheel of samsaric conventionality (in all forms)…the process begins with the visualization of the Yidam (Deity)

The yidam is the embodiment of our own innate Buddhanature. Here one visualizes Lochana…

9.1 The mantra for her appearance is KHAM LA ZHI KYE LE DU

9.2 Meditation with her assures centeredness in mind with the resolute strength of an Iron Mountain. This groundedness will erase all adventitious defilements

9.3 At the conclusion of the meditation the visualization dissolves as the mind now rests serenely in the primordial-field of emptiness

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