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The Yoga of Vairocana

1.0 Vairocana is the Matrix of the Buddha Sun

Vairocana represents the Buddha family that houses the great light of the Buddha Sun—Mahavairocana—known among Lankavatarians as the Noble KA read more

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First Scrutiny

Part Two: Completion


Emerging from the Dharma-Cloud of the Tathagatas, Mahasiddha Acintapa realized he was back in his manomakaya-body once again as he moved forward down a long and seemingly endless bridge made of crystalline light. Soon though he encountered a hooded-figure with an imageless-face who addressed him in the following manner: read more

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Turn, Turn, Turn: Bardo 3, Vairocana

The Transformational Mandala of the Five Tathagatas or Dhyani Buddhas is a wonderful expedient vehicle in which to partake, embody and actualize the Higher Wisdom Sambhokayic Planes contained therein. If one diligently meditates with these Dharmadhatu Wisdom-Bodies then the influence of the karmadhatu will begin to wane and will not hinder one from making a smooth Bardo Transition into the Luminosity of the Dharmāta. Adibuddha Samantabhadra is the Wisdom-Buddha-Supreme as he is the Primordial-Dharmakayic Source from which the Five Tathagatas emanate; in light of this Samantabhadra also emanates from the Dharmamegha Chakra (located on top of the crown)—the Dharma Cloud and the place of Right Release of Noble Wisdom from the Nirvanic Kingdom of Self, the Dharmakaya. We have been circumabulating round and meditating on the Four-Fold Wisdom Bodies whose center is Vairocana. Vairocana is a composite of the other Four Wisdom-Dhyani Buddhas and is the Illuminating Source and Center of them all. Yet, within himself Vairocana is truly panoramic in stature; his center is actually here, there, everywhere and yet nowhere simultaneously; in this sense, Vairocana transcends the Skandha of Form. Vairocana’s color is White, symbolic of the illuminating center of a prism from which the other Wisdom-colors emerge. He is a perfect embodiment of the Dharmadhatu’s Element of Truth. Vairocana’s Sacred Symbol is the Dharmachakra—signifying his central-role as Advocator and Progenitor of the Sacred Dharma. His Dharmachakra Mudra seals this teaching-position for all time. All ignorance (avidya) is purged and incinerated under Vairocana’s Illuminating Gaze; in this vein he is associated with the Dragon Eye of Tathata Chakra (center of the forehead) that sees the difference between Truth and Illusion—this is the Blessed Dharma Seat of Wisdom Itself. He is the very hub of the Tathagata-family and his beloved Dharma-Wheel forever turns as a beacon of Unborn Light that forever enlightens the way for those who follow wholeheartedly the Noble Path of the Buddhadharma. read more

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