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Primordial Qigong in Light of the Unborn: Bardo 1, Part 6

The body and its consciousness is a vehicle (awareness mechanism) wherein [in Bardo Realm One] the awareness principle slowly comes to self-realization—like a pearl of great price embedded in its shell beneath the heavy-pressurized environment-matrix of the oceanic depths of samsara. In its early-stages the shell is moist and somewhat malleable but as the decades roll-on it becomes hardened and is in need of constant maintenance. Primordial Qigong is a modality that oils and lubricates the awareness mechanism, keeping the life-energy-current (Qi) circulating within the meridians and chakras—channels that direct and keep the Qi-flowing and thus preventing any form of breakdown or interference within the electro-magnetic fields that sustain the mechanism. On the spiritual-level something even more profound is occurring—the bodhi-seed (gotra), implanted through the auspicious and bodhidharmic actions of the Noble Ones (advocates of the Tathata-Family), begins its gestation in the dharma-womb as mystically-positioned in the Dantien (Bodhi-Chakra [see previous post]). As the ancient Daoists have described, this is the “spiritual-child” that has the potential to develop an immortal position within the dharma-cell of Tathagatadhatu Itself—provided that the awareness principle is fully attuned and aligned with the dharmatātic Element of Truth when the Bardo of Dharmatā arises. *This need not occur through a linear progression of the Bardo-stages as the Bodhichild can come to fruition prior to any stage; yet its “housed-positioned and ‘umbilical linkage’ to the tathagata-garbha” within the Dantien can become soiled and its progress curtailed if its defiled-twin (housed within the alaya-vijnana) supersedes its position via improper circulation within the meridian and chakra channels. Thus heaven (Shen) must be continuously aligned with Earth (Jing elements) via the proper bodhiflow of (Qi). Or, as stated in an earlier post, the psyche and awareness agency needs to become aligned [on a consistent basis] with the Unborn Will—or as the Daoist’s say, “Earth needs to be aligned with Heaven—with the Primordial Tao Itself.” read more

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The Elixir of Life: Bardo 1, Part 5

The equation, Spirit-Mind-Body, is in actuality an ancient alchemical formula. Together they forge the alignment that accounts for the proper and holistic flow for the elixir of Primordial Bodhi. In a very real sense they are a reflection of the Trikayic Bodies of the Buddha: Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya. The ancient Tibetans were fully aware of this formulation and were able to incorporate it into The Tibetan Book of the Dead. One can see the inherent wisdom in this as these elemental quotients correlate the Supreme Principle that is never static or frozen in any one state, but a constant and vibrant flow of bodhipower: the fluidity of Spirit that is manifested on the Visionary plane and concretized into a unit of transformational elasticity, or Vehicle (Body) enroute to its Pure Mind Self-realization; a true cosmic play of the elementals curving back and forth across the deathless dimension of the unborn. The Daoist factor comes into play when the cognizance dawns that the inner-channel of communication, or working relationship between these elementals is the Primordial Qi—that essential life-force energy that keeps the interaction in motion. If the Qi is hindered or blocked in any way, as relayed through my own experience in the previous post, then breakdown occurs that inhibits proper bodhi-flow and general well-being. Primordial Qigong is one modality that can keep the play of the primordial elements in check. read more

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A Proper Union: Bardo 1, Part 4

One of the salient points to keep in mind during progress through Bardo Realm One, is that essential “balance” between Spirit-Mind-Body that was indicated at the end of the last blog post. Exclusive focus, like ascending the stages to Suramgamasamadhi(or the heroic assent to deep samadhi)—wonderfully portrayed in the Suramgamasamddhisutra (A future blog-series on its own at a future junction)—while a vitally necessary spiritual component, which will be shared in depth during Bardo Realm Three (on meditation and Deep Samadhi), can lead to something analogously akin to a cerebral hemorrhaging of the Mind/Spirit (by this is meant too heavy a reliance on the Suramgamasamddhi-scale to the neglect of the whole awareness mechanism). For instance, the Daoists suggest that this “overweening” of spirit (Shen) to the neglect of the proper-flow of Qi within the Jing (Physical dimension) can lead to adverse affects on overall health and general well-being. In a nutshell—too much Yin that has to overcompensate for the disabled Yang quotient. I’ve experienced this when relying too exclusively on “spiritual” meditations and reflections—they can oftentimes leave one feeling drained of energy, almost zombie-like. We do not live in this saha-realm as disembodied spirits—we need proper “Jing” food as well. read more

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