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The Purge

The initial inspiration for this series is based upon a book (The Doctrine of the Void as Propounded by St. John of the Cross and as Viewed in the Light of Thomistic Principles, 1955) by Rev. Leonard McCann (1908-1966). This … Continue reading

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Transfiguration in the Nothingness

DISCOURSE TWELVE How one’s affections are marvelously transformed In the spiritual experience of the Nothing Which occurs nowhere One’s whole disposition is wonderfully transfigured in the spiritual experience of the nothingness. Yet when the first time one experiences IT all … Continue reading

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Creepy Crawlies

Before reaching the First Tower, or Teresa’s First Mansion, some more preliminary observations are in order. Towers 1-3 manifests the Active phase of Recollection, while Towers 4-7 constitute the Passive Phase of Recollection. Also 1-3 establishes what is known as … Continue reading

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