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As Pamela stepped through the towering entrance of The Third Tower, a mysterious voice resonated through the air, reaching her ears with an ethereal presence. “There is no security in this life,” the voice, ancient and primordial, declared, its words carrying a weight of wisdom. It seemed to echo from the depths of time itself, as if spoken by the very essence of existence. read more

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The Purge

The initial inspiration for this series is based upon a book (The Doctrine of the Void as Propounded by St. John of the Cross and as Viewed in the Light of Thomistic Principles, 1955) by Rev. Leonard McCann (1908-1966). This was his Doctoral-Thesis based on the works of St. John of the Cross. What he provided in its pages are actual Bullet-Points incorporating the nature of the Void in relationship to the saints spirituality and works under each heading, for example, Memory and the Void, Various effects of the Void, Beginners and the Void, etc.—all in aphoristic fashion. This blog follows suit and has provided a version in light of the Unborn. Unfortunately, the book is long out of print and I only hope to do it justice in light of our subject matter. read more

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Transfiguration in the Nothingness


How one’s affections are marvelously transformed
In the spiritual experience of the Nothing
Which occurs nowhere read more

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Creepy Crawlies

Before reaching the First Tower, or Teresa’s First Mansion, some more preliminary observations are in order. Towers 1-3 manifests the Active phase of Recollection, while Towers 4-7 constitute the Passive Phase of Recollection. Also 1-3 establishes what is known as the Purgative Phase of the spiritual journey, likened unto what John of the Cross would classify as the Dark Night of the Senses; 4-5 presents the Illuminative Stage, wherein the adept enters into a more supernal-realization of what still needs to be shredded (Dark Night of the Spirit) in order for union with the Absolute to occur; Towers 6-7 represent the Unitive Phase, or Absolute Coitus with the Unborn Mind. Throughout all of this, the self must continue ever-onward towards its goal of Absolute Recollection—Recognition of its self AS Self. read more

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