The Tao of Mind

Tao of Mind

In the Void the two are indivisible,
Formerly both contained all the ten-thousand things.
When there is finally no sense of any discrimination left,
There is no longer any need of being for or against.

The Way of the Unborn is boundless,
Wherein No-thing exists that is slight or burdensome.
Yet invite the slightest anxiety,
Heaviness of mind will swiftly return.

When Indra’s Net becomes unraveled, the former intersecting points that once contained all the ten-thousand things come to rest indistinguishably within the sanctum sanctorum of the Unborn Mind: Mahasunya (The Great Deathless Void). All is now devoid of the sensations of the discriminatory-mind.  This Un-Born-Ness is beyond any dualistic-derogatory options of being right/wrong, for/against; for or against Whom, or What?

Being a man of Zen, Seng-ts’an was a man of the Tao as well. As Lao-Tzu’s magnificent TaoTeChing proclaims, the Tao is neither easy nor difficult; yet, even a slightest hint of making it either/or and the door swings-wide open once again, as the ravaging  ten-thousand things come pouring back-in, with the Mad-Demon-Anxiety riding at their helm. It’s not about trying, nor even just being. It IS AS IT IS and no-thing more.

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  1. Sandip saha says:

    wonderful & pathbreaking

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