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The Seal of the One Dharma

Before commencing to the sutra, an exegesis of the very term Vajra-Samādhi is in order. Let us turn, then, to the skilled technician in dharma-samādhi itself, the Korean scholar-monk, Wŏnhyo. We have covered “Vajra” in many previous blogs, the term … Continue reading

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The Mahāyāna-shraddhotpāda-shāstra

We next will be exploring perhaps the most significant document, alongside the Lankavatara Sutra, for adherents of Unborn Mind Zen as well as the best concise-systematic treatment of the Mahayana as a whole. This ‘Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana’ … Continue reading

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A short discourse on the primordial light of the Unborn

The primordial light of your true nature cannot abide or be found in a ‘thing’ ,or a ‘no-thing’ [1]. That doesn’t exclude though it´s most dynamic ability, which is to create and destroy all things and no-things by any pre-set … Continue reading

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  Part 3:  MISCELLANEA  The remainder of the Platform Sutra consists in an assortment of miscellaneous and unrelated subject matter. A portion amounts to a repetition of the sermon material on prajñā, along with sundry accounts of the superiority of … Continue reading

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