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(14) An Auspicious Mirror


Your true nature is an auspicious light. Your body is but one of its many creations. And yet, it can become a sleeping giant unaware of itself, ensnared by the apparent beauty or ugliness of its creations; an inversion of … Continue reading

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Zen [1] is the name of [unborn]Mind, and only through the purifying power of Zen can the mind [of a potential Buddha] fully recall itself, its true nature; which is Mind Unborn and no-thing else. The first mistake all beginners … Continue reading

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Muccalinda Sutta (Trans: Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu) I have heard that on one occasion, the Blessed One was staying at Uruvelā on the bank of the Nerañjarā River at the root of the Muccalinda tree, newly awakened. And on that occasion he sat … Continue reading

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The Hermit’s Den


Combined with my daily Eremitical Dhyani Buddha Meditations, I’ve been developing a personal breviary of sorts—encompassing daily reflections from Zen Masters as well as passages from both Mahayana and Vajrayana sources, from the Sutrayana and Suttayana. This perpetual series will … Continue reading

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Second Scrutiny


TWO: SECOND SCRUTINY After the exorcism Vairocana faded from view as Mahasiddha Acintapa experienced a fine spiritual vibration in his throat; Amitābha Buddha emerged from his Dharmasota (throat) Chakra and appeared on an expanding eight-petalled lotus; he addressed the assembly thus:  … Continue reading

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Return to Shravasti


Thus I have heard. At one time the Buddha dwelt at the city of Shravasti in the sublime abode of the Jeta Grove. With a gathering of great bhikshus, twelve hundred fifty in all. All were great Arhats without outflows, … Continue reading

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Year of the Black Naga


Traditionally, we have entered into the Year of the Black Water Snake. Looked at from an astrological perspective, the snake falls under the Element of Water; although combined with the snake’s fiery energy can yield conflict. There have been numerous … Continue reading

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Autobiography: Conclusion (Part 1)

(Yampolsky) “At midnight the Fifth Patriarch called me into the hall and expounded the Diamond Sutra to me. Hearing it but once, I was immediately awakened, and that night I received the Dharma. None of the others knew anything about … Continue reading

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No Merit

Eight: No Merit “Subhūti, what do you think? If a person were to fill the three thousand chiliocosms with the seven kinds of jewels and give them away charitably, wouldn’t the merit attained by this person be great?” Subhūti said, … Continue reading

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No Attainment, No Teaching

Seven: No Attainment, No Teaching The Lord Buddha addressed Subhuti, saying : ” What do you think, Subhuti? Has the Tathagata really attained to supreme spiritual wisdom? Or has he a system of doctrine which can be specifically formulated?” Subhuti … Continue reading

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