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Forget about Neti, Neti

A tool like neti, neti is only a preliminary exercise in deconstructing dualities. But it's not an end-tool in itself. The same principle applies regarding the four negations.  It's all about indivisibility. In the end either shit or get off the pot. There is no shit or not shit...just shitting. To do anything less will get one into serious trouble. There is a story about a robust Zen Master who was constipated. To help him a disciple went to a drugstore to investigate how to alleviate the problem. Read more [...]

Choose Not…

The Way of the Unborn is not burdensome Just let-go of partiality Be neither positive nor negative Stay illumined If you are off by a hairsbreadth Nirvana and samsara are infinitely divided Remaining centered in the Unborn is our Natural Stateless State of Being. It all becomes burdensome when we self-impose conceptual limitations on THAT which is devoid of all conceptual constructs. Making choices is the root of the problem. If the Mind becomes partial, then all hell will break Read more [...]

Neti, Neti

4. Bloodstream Sermon, Part 3 And this mind, through endless kalpas without beginning, has never varied. It has never lived or died, appeared or disappeared, increased or decreased. Its not pure or impure, good or evil, past or future. It’s not true or false. It’s not male or female. It doesn’t appear as a monk or a layman, an elder or a novice, a sage or a fool, a Buddha or a mortal. It strives for no realization and suffers no karma. It has no strength or form. It’s like space. You Read more [...]