The word soma stands for the corpse in Homer, and only later acquires the meaning of body. So the following verse is attributed to Euripides by Plato: "Who knows whether living is not being dead, while being dead is living?" Plato's Socrates continues: "Perhaps we too are dead. I at least heard this from the wise men that now we are dead and that for us the body is a tomb" (soma estin hemin sema: Gorg. 492e-493a).In his Commentary on Plato's Gorgias, Olympiodorus explains this as follows: (Socrates] Read more [...]
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Dark Night of the Unborn

Being a paraphrase of John's Dark Night In the Darkness of Night, Enlightened with whisperings untold -O' Luminous Wonder- Mind fled the charnel house unchecked, My spirit at last cloaked in stillness. In this verse, the Spirit-Mind bespeaks its escape from all created dharmatas. In like manner it has also begun to transcend its own mortal sheaths by way of mortification of the Five Skandhas. In so doing, the way was prepared to enter into Union with the Unborn. The proclamation says Read more [...]
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The Black Dragons

A Black Dragon sees with incomparable wisdom A Black Dragon has command of Perpetual Vigilance in the Recollective Resolve A Black Dragon is instilled with inconceivable Buddha-gnosis A Black Dragon practices Tathāgatadhyāna A Black Dragon is baptized with the mark of imagelessness A Black Dragon has entered into the unsurpassed diamond absorption (vajrasamadhi) A Black Dragon radiates the Mind of one-pointed Contemplation A Black Dragon abides in the Perfection of Noble Read more [...]
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Question on Darkness Vs Light

This post is based on a recent question from a reader: Subject: Darkness Vs Light From Dennis Message Body: I am an occasional reader of your blog. I must admit some of it goes over my head. But I would like to see you write a piece taking on the role of light and darkness in mystical religion. The concept of "light" is found on just about every level in every religion to describe the divine, from the banal to the esoteric. But there seems to be a smaller body of writing / thought Read more [...]
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Advanced Maxims

Advanced Maxims Maxim 1: There is no separate, independent self apart from the Unborn Thoughts, memories, feelings, associations, and attachments are “perceptions” abstracted from the condensed body consciousness AFTER the movements of fluidic activity have occurred in the brain. The apparent “independent self” is in actuality an “after image” produced by neurotransmitters—a process that in itself is an abstraction of emptiness. Hence, the apparent independent self is a Read more [...]
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Dark Dharma

Dark Dharma The primordial Dragon Race was a spiritual race, spiritual in a true sense as through incalculable kalpas their Dragon Minds transcended the phenomenal realm with the antecedent liberative technique called the Dark Dharma. They catalogued their spiritual ascension by describing the ten-bhumic stages, culminating in the great Dharma Cloud, or Dharmamegha. Now motionless and having obtained Right-Release from all former sensate-attachments, they were free to fully recollect the Read more [...]
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The Dragon Race

The Dragon Race Well before the era of Siddharta Gautama and even eclipsing the great flood of Noah there were many ancient races that populated Saha-realm 38725 (before it became poisoned as Marayana). The most ancient of these is the Dragon Race. This is not the same form that is mentioned in mythology, but a race of beings whose minds were filled with incomparable wisdom; their sciences and philosophies were based on the principle of the One Mind and their system was essentially Yin-based. Read more [...]
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Marayana Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a mind of stealth and fame I’ve been around ten-thousand kalpic fold My mission is to keep you tame My father is desire and my mother is ignorance Our incestuous offspring are desire, pride, greed, fear and ignorance Five to keep you company in samsara As you properly react to your spinning wheel of pain Pleased to meet you, won’t you guess my name? I bid you welcome to my 10,000 hells Where I’ve rattled old Dogen’s Read more [...]
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The Book of Bodhi

Once written in an online galaxy long, long ago… The origins of Saha-realm 38725 Mind’s miraculous capacity to recollect Its full essential stature creates a double-edged sword; this capacity can also become inverted thereby giving birth to pluralized manifestations that, although illusional in form, become graven images that are concretized into infinite dharmatic canopies that reflect every conceivable and inconceivable size and shape within a given world-system. These world systems Read more [...]
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Rudolf Steiner and the Covid Jab

*** This article is for entertainment purposes only The renowned founder of Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) lived a remarkable life. For him, all things were to be known in light of spiritual principles. One of his works, Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double, was a series of articles centering around the notion of “the drive towards a world government by elitist forces that seek to control the masses through economics, technology and political assassinations.” Read more [...]
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